Episode 016 Knowing When To Stop

We often think of creativity in terms of beginnings. New ideas just waiting to be acted upon and how to access them. But how do we know when to stop? When is an idea actually finished?

So often we get completely wrapped up in the beginning aspect of creativity, we jump into a new project and we are flying high… Until we are suddenly aimlessly drifting. Lost at in the sea of an idea with no clue where to land and wrap up that adventure so we can move on to the next. So how do we know when it’s time to land that plane and actually put that idea to bed. When do we say it’s finished and release it into the wild?

I don’t have an answer for you, but it’s something I want to explore with you, so let’s do it!

Episode Links

Have I created enough? 
This is an article I wrote almost 1 year ago that set me on a path over the last week or two really trying to figure it all out.

Photography Matters Podcast by Ted Vieira

Check out the always terrific Photography Matters Podcast to hear not only the conversation I mentioned in this episode but a variety of photographic inspiration and discussion with Ted.

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