Let’s talk about writing a little, specifically about how difficult it can be battling the impulse to produce perfect finished products right off the bat!

Too often we sit down to write and that blank page scares the daylights out of us. It’s glaring pressure to make sure that whatever words we are going to mar it’s pristine surface with, well they better be perfect. Why do we do that to ourselves?

Especially when there is a much better AND easier way to approach things.

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2 Replies to “022 First drafts not finished products”

  1. ANT PRUITT says:

    Although one would never know based on listening to me speak, my favorite subject was English/grammar. I remember my beloved teacher having us turn in a “sloppy copy” . I still do this in the content management system. Write. Save. Leave. Come back and read it. Fix/add. Save. Leave. Come back. If passes, THEN I preview it and read it. If it passes, then I publish. Check out my video on getting out of a creative rut.

    1. David Szweduik says:

      That’s such a solid way to approach any content creation! I grew up with a system pretty close to the same as that and IF I can remember to use it today, it still works like a charm!

      The creative rut video was good stuff my friend! Keep them coming! Also, our episode/conversation should be dropping this week finally. I’m excited for it to hit the interwebs!


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