With great listener feedback, we needed a follow up to our conversation from last week because we may be much closer to understanding the disconnect between photography and craftsmen. 

Is the problem simply a matter of changing technology and types of creative output? Can it really be as simple as taking things back to a tangible form? Stay tuned to this Adventure in Creativity and see if the photographic print might hold the key to allowing photographers to finally complete the creative cycle again.

Episode 040 What photography gets wrong about the creative process and how craftsmen can help fix it.

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2 thoughts on “041 Letting Go Creatively – Listener Feedback and Follow Up On Episode 40

  1. Hey Dave,

    I just started listening to your podcasts and this one I thought I’d comment on.

    I joined a photo club and we have print and digital competitions on a monthly basis. They bring in single local photographer to judge our work and we are scored based on the judge’s criteria (opinion) on what is liked or not liked about the photo(s). Personally, I do not consider myself a good/great photographer but I show my work to break out of my comfort zone and just submit photos I like. I really don’t care about what will make my photo score higher … art is just too subjective.

    I let go by submitting my photo and regardless of what it scores or what the judge thinks of it I never worry about it again. I do listen to what was said both good and bad and take any what I consider real information about improving the photo as something to do going forward. I do see that some photographers if their photo scores low resubmit the same photo for a higher score with a different judge. I don’t think that’s a valid way of justifying how good or bad your photographic art is; it is just someone else’s opinion of the same photo – not real growth.

    One thing I have picked up from various sources is to print my work. Any photos that I submitted via print in these competitions I am trying to hang up on my wall at work so that I can see them. That gives me a chance to view them and hopefully as/if I become a better photographer I can see the improvement.

    Anyway, great podcast about creativity, something that I struggle with. Thanks for putting it out there!

    1. Hey Vinny!

      First, welcome to the adventures and thank you for listening!

      Also, thank you so much for taking time to leave your feedback. You’re absolutely right, printing your work may well be one of the best ways to actually let go. I love the idea of submitting your work to your local photo group and think you are wise to not get too wrapped up in the opinion of just one judge. You are spot on regarding the photographers that just keep resubmitting work until they get a score they are satisfied with. I’m much more of the type to move past that image and work harder to get better at my craft for the next attempt rather than just keep looking for someone to agree that I’m “good enough” right now.

      Hope you have a great week and again, I really appreciate you reaching out!

      All the best, Dave

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