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We The Creators

Many of you know that my good friend Bryan Minear has started his own podcast called We The Creators.

I highly recommend you check it out if you enjoy what I’m doing here with Adventures in Creativity.

But this week, there’s an added bonus because I had the honor of joining him for his 5th episode. We had a fantastic chat that covered all sorts of different topics, from creativity and photography to gaming and, well, you’ll have to listen to hear it all!

Let me just say, I’m completely honored and floored to be included in this guest list so far! I mean, seriously, look at the names I’m joining!

Ilitch Peters, Reuben Wu, Kat Greenbaum, and Dan Rubin are all some pretty heavy hitters in the world of creativity and photography and then there’s me.

The episode can be found here:

EP05 // Tapping into an unlimited supply of creative energy


Or in the podcast player of your choice!

I hope you give it a listen and check out all the other amazing guests and conversation Bryan has had so far! I look forward to continued great things from We The Creators!

If you want to hear more of Bryan and I having great conversations about photography and creativity check out is TWO appearances here on Adventures in Creativity!

The first is here:

Episode 007 – Bryan Minear on Process and Inspiration

The second is here:

030 Bryan Minear On Photographing Egypt

I really hope you guys enjoy the conversation I was honored to have with Bryan on We The Creators this week and I also hope you take a second to drop him a line and show We The Creators some love! Like I said earlier, I really think you’ll enjoy what he’s doing so give him a listen!

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