Lately I’ve been thinking back to my very first blog. Way back in September of 2006 I started the blog and the only goal was to try to write as close to daily as I could. At times I’d write multiple short posts each day, other times I’d miss a day or two. But there was just one rule. It would be an honest, open, unrestricted place to share whatever was on my mind.

I really miss that.

Don’t get me wrong. When I write articles here or over on they are always 100% authentic, 100% honest and from the heart.


There is always a bit of a restriction. If I’m writing an article here it needs to somehow be tied to creativity and either be inspirational, educational, thought provoking, or otherwise valuable in the sense that I want you guys to be able to read and take something, no matter how big or small, valuable away from the article.

In short, the articles here need to in some way be useful to all of you beautiful, adventurous creatives that join me here regularly.

An article published here HAS to meet the Adventures in Creativity standard and in a sense serve to fit under the aicpod brand if you will.

I know there is value in that. I understand it. But I still miss those early days.

We’ve all heard the advice

If you spend anytime reading, listening, or otherwise studying creativity or entrepreneurship, or any of that, you’ll hear the advice given that if you really want to connect with like minded people who value you and what you create you HAVE to find a way to add your personal voice to whatever it is you create.

I whole-heartedly believe this.

It’s why whenever I make a new episode, write a new article, or reach out and chat with you guys via social media it’s always just me being me. I’m not here putting up some “I know everything” persona. I’m very open, probably share too much sometimes. I believe in making sure that it’s super clear that I am RIGHT HERE on this adventure with you. I’m not standing at the finish line, the pinnacle of excellence, looking back doling out advice on how to get to the lofty levels that I’ve reached.


I’m right here in the trenches trying to figure this all out right along side of you. Learning from you as much as I’m hopefully able to provide some value to anyone else on TEAM AICPOD.

We are in this together.

But there’s the rub

IF the advice says to add our personal voice to whatever we create then WHY do I feel such a need to only share those things that relate to JUST the Adventures in Creativity podcast?

If I started to just write about things like I used to with my first blog, those real, honest, daily observations and musings, will anyone stick with me on this adventure?

Sure, I think about creativity a lot. As such I tend to write a lot about it in various different ways, from inspiration/motivation to the freely sharing of whatever lessons I have learned to concepts that are still forming and being debated in my own head.

However, I also am a person that loves to just observe the world around me and share those observations with someone. I remember writing posts on that original blog about everything from photography to being amused that someone lined the duck decorations on a shelf at Target up so that they appeared to be enjoying a little mating season.

I LOVED writing and sharing those articles with whoever was reading. It wasn’t about “building a brand” or “finding my tribe”. I was putting myself out there sharing whatever random thoughts were taking up space in my mind.

In some ways it was almost like a journal or diary, though I never shared any of the most private details because hey, it was public. But it was ME and MY true personality and voice.

Maybe social media killed it

I’m not sure where the pressure to stop writing that way came from. I feel like in part the rise of social media contributed in that everyone struggled to find their own niche and stand out.

But I’m finding that it’s pretty hard to stand out that way. By putting yourself in a box and playing only within those strict rules.

Chase Jarvis shared a quote recently stating something to the effect of:

It’s impossible to stand out if you try to fit in.

How true is that?!

By trying to fit in and niche down and impose all of the rules on myself so that I could stand out for that “specific thing I do” I may have just actually severed my ability to stand out for who I really am.

It’s a lot to chew on

Look, maybe you are reading this and thinking I’m just a bozo. That may be.

I’m not writing this to announce some big changes or anything like that. More than anything I’m writing this to help collect my thoughts on the idea that has lodged itself so hard in my brain.

To try to find an answer to the questions that are plaguing me right now…

WHY do I feel the need to stay strict, placing only certain content in certain places?

WHAT would happen if I just went back to the approach from the early days, writing about any and all of life’s little daily observations?

WOULD you guys continue on this adventure with me or would it just annoy and alienate everyone?

IS that approach, sharing ALL of life’s randomness, not the ultimate form of inspiration?

Like I said, I’m not announcing any big changes.

I’m simply thinking out loud. Sharing a moment of MY adventure with you. Like I said, I’m not at the finish line looking back, I’m here in the trenches trying to figure it out with you.

Who knew a website could be such a difficult thing?

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