Being it’s the holiday season I wanted to give you something a little lighter this week that you can enjoy with your family! Hans Zimmer : Live in Prague is a shining example of how all of the hard work pays off, allowing masterful creatives to just enjoy creating at an ultra high level. 

The Hans Zimmer : Live in Prague concert is one of my favorite concert videos of all time. Here’s what it’s all about, courtesy of Netflix: 

“In this concert film, Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer performs his most iconic movie scores to a sell-out crowd at the O2 Arena in Prague.” 

This concert film was released in 2017 and not only does it feature a beautiful, family friendly musical experience, it show-cases artists at the top of their games doing the unthinkable. You guessed it, they are HAVING FUN creating and performing for the audience. 

The thing is, they can only do that because of the hard work they have put in behind the scenes to truly learn their craft. Listen now to the episode to hear WHY I feel so strongly about why this is important. 


Hans Zimmer : Live in Prague on Netflix

Photography Radio : Episode “Go Out And Shoot A Lot – Is It A Good Advice?”

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