080 Does being an artist ruin your ability to enjoy art?

Do you ever wonder if being an artist has somehow ruined your ability to just ENJOY the type of artwork you make? Let’s talk about this for just a moment. 

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2 thoughts on “080 Does being an artist ruin your ability to enjoy art?

  1. Vinny says:

    Hey Dave,
    Great podcast! I listen to it on my way to/from work. Creativity escapes me so I’m hoping one day it’ll pop into my head.

    I heard this today and although my creative outlet is photography I’m not at the level where I can pick apart a photo. But I work on medical equipment, been doing it for a very long time and I pick apart movies and TV shows when they do nonsense while using medical equipment. I don’t watch medical shows and my wife is glad I don’t because I start ranting about how “they can’t use that device that way” starts coming out of my mouth. I chuckled when you said about picking apart a song. The answer to your question is that you are not alone in what you do!

    1. David Szweduik says:

      Hey Vinny!

      Sorry for my delayed response! But thank you so much for reaching out!

      It’s interesting isn’t it, I do the same thing whenever I see TV shows that have photographers doing things that are clearly just faked or even musicians that are supposed to be excellent players but seeing the actor pretend to play haha!

      In regards to your photography, don’t sell yourself short. Even if you feel like you aren’t at a certain technical level I’m willing to guess that when you look at a photo there are things you see that you like or don’t like. Things that click with you and stand out as well as things that kind of make you cringe haha. But remember, we’re ALL creative and we can’t just wait for inspiration to be “creative” to arrive. It’s only through DOING that we can build and strengthen our creativity. It needs to be used and nurtured in order to become stronger, just like exercise for your muscles. So just keep shooting, keep trying new things and keep enjoying your creative journey!

      Thanks again for the kind comment and I appreciate you listening!

      All the best, Dave


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