082 Storytelling

The concept of storytelling is one of, if not the only, most important elements of creativity, the creative process, and even simply the human experience. Let’s talk about why. 

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3 thoughts on “082 Storytelling

  1. Shelley says:


    Thanks for mentioning me again! I appreciate it so much. I loved your words about how you experience my work.
    Inserting a story is not something I do intentionally and so I was fascinated by the feelings and experiences you were able to pull from my drawings. It’s so cool for me to hear!
    I was really inspired by this podcast episode. I write short stories as a “secret” hobby, sharing my stories with a very small group of people, haha – not entirely confident with them yet. But I was inspired to keep writing, as stories (fiction or not) are a large part of our humanity and I think that with social media and the constant stream of daily “stories” shared and viewed, we have perhaps forgotten somewhat (or maybe it’s just me) what it feels like to work on and craft a detailed universe unique to our imaginations, rather than just what has transpired in our day.

    Thanks again for making this podcast!


    1. David Szweduik says:

      Hey Shelley,

      My pleasure!
      I agree whole-heartedly about storytelling and it’s importance in humanity. It’s the one realization I’ve been slowing having over the last few months and why I’m making the change/focus on what I do here over to the beauty of the art and craft of story and storytelling! It’s probably going to be a little weird for some as everyone(including me) is used to my broader creativity discussions, but it’s something I’m really feeling pulled to do!

      For what it’s worth, I have shared publicly exactly one of my stories I’ve written but other than that I too have a mostly secret hobby in writing short stories, poetry, and the like!

      I appreciate your kind words as always and thank YOU for sharing your art with the world so we can dream up our own stories to accompany the fantastic places you create!

      All the best,

      1. Shelley says:


        I am excited to see where you take this idea and love of story telling with your podcast!

        It reminds me yet again of your “creative crossfit” – how useful it can be to have another creative outlet, even if it is not “official” in the sense of it being shared, it definitely brings out another side to our creativity that may or may not come out otherwise.

        And thank you, it was a hard weekend. I am turning towards writing at the moment as my art lens is clouded with some difficult emotions. Perhaps I will find a way to communicate them visually, but for now words are where I’m falling.

        Hope you are all safe and sound over there!



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