Interview with Author Danny Gardner on Ace Boon Coon

What a pleasure this week as I had an opportunity to sit down and have an amazing chat with Danny Gardner, stand up comedian and Author of the brand new novel Ace Boon Coon!

We cover a lot of ground, from his Midwest roots, his comedy career and being mentored by THE Bernie Mac, his writing, and so much more. He even makes one of the MOST brilliant analogies tying music and writing together in a way that I’ve never even considered. ALSOIf you want to get entered into the give-away of Danny’s first novel, A Negro and an Ofay, which is the 1st book in The Tales of Elliot Caprice series, all you have to do is find me on Instagram or Twitter with the handle of @fadedwordspod, FOLLOW ME, THEN send me a direct message saying you’d like to be entered in the book giveaway! That’s it, it’s that simple!





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