Faded Words – As Long As You Wish by John O’Keefe

Join me for a tale of time travel and alternate dimensions in this episode!

If, somehow, you get trapped in a circular time system  . . .  how long is the circumference of an infinitely retraced circle?

Written by: John O’Keefe

Originally published in Astounding Science Fiction, June, 1955

Faded Words is an Adventures in Creativity Production featuring David Szweduik as your narrator, host, and producer.

Listen anytime on the Official Website, or in the podcast player of your choice by searching for “Faded Words”! Of course you can also find Faded Words, along with ALL Adventures in Creativity Productions by searching “AIC Stories” in your preferred podcast app.

Theme Music:
Anoitecer (Nightfall) by Guifrog

Additional Music written and produced by David Szweduik

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