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Of Mice And Men – Review

Can this film adaptation of the classic novel by John Steinbeck hold up to the book or will the written word continue to dominate the moving picture?

Of Mice And Men
Directed by : Gary Sinise
Cinematographer : Kenneth MacMillan
Starring : Gary Sinise, John Malkovich, Ray Walston

If you follow AIC Stories, you’ll know that I recently reviewed the original novel Steinbeck wrote back in 1937, so you’ll know that this is one of my favorite stories and books of all time.

For a more thorough review of the book and source material for this film, visit my review of Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck.

Here I want to just talk real briefly about this particular film adaptation, as it too is one of my favorites of all time.

I remember watching this in high school after we read the book in one of our literature classes and from that time on this film has always stuck with me.

Growing up, I’ve never been a huge fan of westerns. Having grown up stuck watching all sorts of TV westerns such as Bonanza, Gunsmoke, and the like, the typical western just bored me to tears. Of course, there have been a few since then that I’ve loved, but by and large it’s not a genre I leap to or get super excited about. Which is why I’m still surprised that this film ranks as one of my all time favorites.

True, it’s not a “classic” western. But still.

Watching this film recently, I was struck by just how perfectly Gary Sinise and John Malkovich embody the characters of George and Lenny. In fact, I don’t know if it’s possible to portray a more accurate version of Lenny from the book than what Malkovich did in this film.

While the film does look a little dated now it still holds up tremendously well. The story still sinks it’s hooks into us quickly and steamrolls through emotions from frustration, hope, and ultimately in gut punching heartbreak. The struggles of George and Lenny and the ultimate price paid is truly soul crushing in the best way possible.

I highly recommend this version of Of Mice And Men if you are a fan of the book and have not seen this film.

Of Mice And Men gets 5 out of 5 stars.


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