Category: Archived Adventures in Creativity

The concept of storytelling is one of, if not the only, most important elements of creativity, the creative process, and even simply the human experience. Let’s talk about why.

I’m joined by a very special guest this week to talk about creativity from the perspective of a kid. Especially from the perspective of a kid with a parent that is a creative. My daughter Emma joins me as my co-host this week with some background appearances by my son, Orion as well!

One of my long time favorite people to follow on social media has been the super talented artist from Calgary, Shelley Nutma. From paint to pen and ink there is something incredibly captivating about the worlds she creates and in this episode she’s stopped by the virtual studio to share her story with us!

I’m kicking off a short multipart series of episodes about some thoughts on connecting with your audience, both how and why it’s important. To kick things off let me tell you about a story I heard about a boy and the starfish from friend of the show, Andy Pugh from Thoughts From The Tinkerage Podcast.