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Category: Interviews

Want to hear just my conversations with the amazing and interesting guests that join me here in the Virtual Studio?

Every one of these episodes have a guest, some may be just a quick cameo, most are full episodes dedicated to the awesome creative pursuits they chase.

071 Vincent Ferrari on Impostor Syndrome, Creative Plateaus, and The Cliche

I’m joined this week by my good friend Vincent Ferrari from the Because We Make Podcast. Pull up a chair for this great conversation all about creating the cliche, struggling with creative plateaus, and the impact of impostor syndrome.

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054 Alex Burke – Fine Art, Large Format Film, Landscape Photographer

Our Adventures in Creativity this week lead to a terrific conversation with Fine Art, Large Format Film Photographer Alex Burke. We discuss why he chose large format film photography, the importance of connection and story within his work, why paying it forward with knowledge is essential and so much more!

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