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Want to hear just my conversations with the amazing and interesting guests that join me here in the Virtual Studio?

Every one of these episodes have a guest, some may be just a quick cameo, most are full episodes dedicated to the awesome creative pursuits they chase.

October 9, 2019 / / Interviews

I had the honor of joining my good friend Bryan Minear on his new podcast, We The Creators. Here’s the story.

This week we welcome back long time friend of the show, Bryan Minear. He just returned from an epic trip to Egypt so we’re talking about his experiences photographically and how much creativity plays into incredible moments when travelling.

David sits down for a chat with Calgary based commercial and portrait photographer Nathan Elson. They talk about everything from the importance of pushing yourself as a creative, Nathan’s thought process behind his incredible work and even the motivations behind creating custom post processing looks for Adobe Lightroom (and now Capture One Pro).