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The Missing Sister by Elle Marr

The Missing Sister
Author : Elle Marr
Published : April 1st, 2020 by Thomas & Mercer
294 pages : Kindle Edition
Mystery / Suspense / Thriller

This mystery/thriller promises intrigue and tension but should we trust it or take the advice from the book and trust no one? I’m coming to trust the writing of Elle Marr, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

The Missing Sister
Title: The Missing Sister
Page Count: 294
Published: 04/01/2020
Categories: ,
A twin sister missing, presumed dead, but a mysterious message indicates she may still be alive. Can Shayna navigate the perils hiding in wait for her in Paris and find her missing sister before she goes missing herself?

The premise here, without getting TOO lost in sharing plot info and risking spoilers, is that Shayna has arrived in Paris to identify the body of her twin sister that had gone missing in the aftermath of a mass shooting event that had happened. Angela was living in Paris pursuing her degree but things may not be as they seem.

As Shayna works to pack up her sisters belongings she uncovers a message from her sister in their own hidden language. The message tells Shayna that she is alive and to trust no one. When she visits the morgue to identify the body, the message seems to ring true, as the body is NOT her sisters body. With danger lurking around every corner and the mystery of her sisters life unravelling all around her, Shayna sets off to find her sister, or at least discover what happened to her.

Marr, once again, does a wonderful job in creating a main character that feels full and rich. We get Shayna – a complex, living, breathing woman putting her life on the line as her desperation grows and the situations she finds herself in worsen. She’s complex and as the story twists and turns its way towards the conclusion we are taken on a bit of an emotional journey.

The pacing in The Missing Sister is steady but for me it never felt like I was rushed or pushed to keep turning pages. For lack of a better explanation, there is a lot of tension but it never feels really intense. That being said, there was a point by the middle of this book where I had an idea of where I thought the story was headed, I was SURE I had figured out the twist and I didn’t like what I was SURE was going to happen.

I was wrong.

Dead wrong. And while I spent a chunk of time reading from that point towards the end absolutely sure of where it was all headed, the clues all pointed that way and I was reading at that point just to be proven right, when the ending section with it’s actual twists arrived I actually started laughing at myself because of how incredibly wrong I was! I can’t tell you what my prediction was, because I don’t want to ruin the potential surprise for you if you come to the same conclusions I did, but it made the actual ending so much more satisfying.

Speaking of endings, let’s talk about how Elle Marr seems to prefer to end her stories. Most of the mystery/suspense/thriller’s I’ve read in the past bring you right to the final climax of the story, the mystery is solved, crisis averted and then boom – the story ends and we don’t usually see much, if any, of the aftermath.

Marr likes to take a good solid chapter or so and take us through the days, weeks, or even months after the mystery is solved. She allows us to follow our main characters through the immediate aftermath of the events of the story and to a place where the character can see with certainty that the worst is behind them.

I know that many of you may feel this makes the endings of the stories feel drawn out and unnecessary, and I can agree to a point. However, I find that having a chance to slowly unwind with the characters after the tense ride we just went on together is a nice way to wrap up the story and let me, as a reader, feel like stepping away from the story is ok at that point because everyone is going to be ok without me.

Sounds silly, but it is what it is.

This book, as with the previous Elle Marr story Lies We Bury, has one character problem that I really struggled with. However, in this book it was a little more understandable. It’s the fact that our main character once again decides to hide evidence from and refuse to work with the police. Instead insisting on doing everything herself, even though it’s directly leading to her own potential demise.

As I said though, in this book it at least makes a little more sense why she is adamant on doing everything herself, since she is in a foreign country and her missing sister has warned her to trust no one. I also fully realize that my logical thinking would NOT make for an interesting and captivating thriller, so it becomes a small gripe at best.

If you are a fan of a good suspenseful mystery with just the right amount of tension and dread to keep pushing you further into the story, I think you’ll enjoy this one a lot.

The Missing Sister by Elle Marr gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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