David Szweduik, or Usually Dave, is based in remote Northern Minnesota. He’s a photographer, podcaster, writer, creative, and all around geek.

You’ll find him here every week in Creativity Base Camp, leading Adventures in Creativity for any one looking to enjoy and tap into their creative side a little deeper. His conversations, or adventures, are fueled by a deep curiosity about the world of creativity and a desire to further explore and improve his and YOUR creative quality of life.

I’m passionate about learning to explore not only my own creative pursuits, but to be inspired by the amazing work being done by people all over the world. People that create for their job, that create out of necessity, or simply because chasing their own creative pursuits brings them joy. We ALL have creativity inside of us, let’s get adventuring to find out how to unlock YOUR creativity!

~David Szweduik/Usually Dave

You can find his photography and writing work over on his website, usuallydave.com, or by clicking his face below.