Your Host, Narrator, and story loving producer

David Szweduik, or Usually Dave, is based in remote Northern Minnesota. He’s a photographer, podcaster, writer, creative, and all around geek.

You’ll find him here every week in the library doing his best to help save amazing stories from fading away in the sands of time. With a mix of audiobook style readings of classic stories and interviews with amazing authors, he’s doing what he can to give YOU a healthy dose of storytelling love in your life.

What started as an exploration of creativity in general revealed the intense influence of storytelling in all of our lives. I decided that to focus on sharing these stories, as well as the stories behind the stories, was a duty I couldn’t turn away from. Selfishly, I just love all aspects of stories and storytelling and this was the best way I could think of to bring that love to anyone willing to listen.

~David Szweduik/Usually Dave

You can find his photography and writing work over on his website,, or by clicking his face below.